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ZEBRA FACE 100 page comic book

£5.00 - On Sale

• 100 page comic book
• Published in 2001 by Invisible Spies
• Written by Supreme Vagabond Craftsman
• Illustrated by Kid Acne
• Includes 2 x sticker sheets

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Zebra Face is a stripy horse with rudimentary rhymes skills and an insulin dependent sidekick. He first appeared in VELCRO GRASS fanzine in 1995, before getting a zine to himself, the success of which lead to this book, which was self published in 2001. Some of the stories have since been brought to life in a series of short animations for Channel 4.

Sleeve Notes:
Yo Insomniakz this is proof of the truth comin right through yo sunroof. This is two hover-trouser emcees with Guess Who moustaches and dangly earrings goin one plus one on the fuckin runway, ridin scramblers up yo embankment. 100cc is our situation you get weh?
Pock-marked skinheads from out the navy wearin Global Hypercolour, ekkin for a dust up, comin your way with a fist full o nuggets and one eye on the newsagents. Trip-hop is our game, see me larfin? Buju Bedtimes cold ghettin dumb and dumber, different strokin, rekked our limbs from fallin off mopeds that’s why we get bought drinks see? PM Dawn of the Dead overweighters duckin in your hedgerow lookin for ripped up bash mags and golf-balls so we got summat to cob at motors. No cell phones only CBs, we’re ravin we’re ravin.